Monday, October 18, 2010

A Streak of Freedom through the Sludge of Life

Saturday in Manhattan there was a streak slicing through the urban sludge of jammed traffic offering the hope of liberation.

Pretty outrageous: a skater flash mob called The Broadway Bombers, an annual event. Probably 200 skate boarders zipped past Macy's 5th Ave stopping traffic. Sort of a skate board parade or something. Horns were blasting. Drivers upset. Others taking photos and laughing. 

The context: People contained in cubicles within office cubes stacked 100 stories high, in cars jammed in a frozen river of traffic. 

The Protagonist: a mob of skaters slicing freely thru the stagnant ice, screaming gleefully, some with bare chests. 

The Antagonists: Jammed up drivers yelling and honking. 

The Chorus: Onlookers infected by the liberated joy, cheering them on, and capturing the moment on electronic devices with which to relive the freedom once returned to their cubes. 

And traffic resumed.

Likewise, Christ slices through the drudgery of our bane existence with liberty and purpose.  We have a choice:  Do we sit on the sidelines honking our horns and cursing? Or do we join the river of life?